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St. John announced via their website that there will be a new dog park coming August of 2015 and it will be located at 10057 Hedwig Drive, St. John, IN. Areas around Schererville and Crown Point have already implemented some of their own and each have received great feedback from community members. Having a place to take your pet to run around and work out all of that built up energy they can get is a perfect addition to the town. Though, be prepared because there will be a fee required to use it each year, though it is very cheap.

To get a permit to use the new dog park you will need to visit St. John Town Hall (10955 West 93rd Avenue). Permits are required for each calendar year. For any that are purchased the initial 2015 year, they will be valid until the end of 2016 to make up for the first shortened year. Costs are listed below.

St. John Dog Park Permit Fee

Annual Participant Fee for St. John Residents: $25.00 for first dog; $10.00 for each additional
Non-Residential Participant Fee: $100.00 for first dog; $25.00 for each additional
Card lost or damaged? $10 replacement fee

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Benefits of Dog Parks

Dog parks offer owners a great place to bring their 4 legged friend to run around in a fenced-in, off leash zone that includes a ton of benefits. Parks offer a safe environment for the dog to not only run to also play freely, which many do not have the area to do so. The venues offer a great place for pets to socialize, learn to get along with other breeds, ages, sizes, and different temperaments. Being able to socialize your animal can lead to many improvements at home with how they act as well. Overall, one of the best benefits is getting your energized pet fully exhausted by offering them the freedom and space to be active.

Not sure if a Dog Park is for you? has a great list of things to look for in a Dog Park to see if it is a great fit for your animal and yourself. Also, they have some great tips to make the Dog Park a better experience for everyone involved. Check out the list below!

  • Visit the park without your dog first to see if the park is right for you and your dog.
  • Even if you’re socializing, remain vigilant at all times. Don’t take your eyes off your dog.
  • Ensure that your dog is properly trained and at minimum, knows the “Come” command when called.
  • If you know your dog has aggressive tendencies, don’t bring him to an off-leash park. There are plenty of other ways to exercise him. At the very least, muzzle him and avoid pronged collars.
  • Consider a professional dog trainer if your dog becomes aggressive or has developed other bad habits at the dog park.
  • Don’t mix on-leash with off-leash dogs. Unleash your dog as soon as you get into the park. Dogs on leash can be aggressive to both off-leash and on-leash dogs. If you find you are in an on-leash/off-leash situation, it is common courtesy to keep your dog away, unless the other owner says it’s okay.
  • Don’t let your dog wander off—accompany him at all times.
  • Puppies under the age of six months that haven’t been immunized or socialized should not be at the dog park.
  • If you are ever unsure of an encounter with another dog, make sure to move your dog along while the experience is still positive.
  • Avoid packs: they are an invitation for the harassment of one of the dogs in the pack. In fact, if you see pack behavior brewing, alert the owners of the dogs involved immediately.
  • Don’t bring young children into the park. Many dogs are not socialized around children and your child could get hurt.
  • It’s a good idea not to bring toys, but if you must, bring extra toys and be sure to return “stolen” toys.
  • Don’t bring treats to the dog park because it will invite possessive/aggressive behavior, and unwanted pawing and sniffing.
  • Bring plenty of doggie bags and remove all feces so that your dog does not contribute to the contamination of the soil.
  • If your female dog is in heat, don’t bring her to the dog park. She’ll be preyed upon and may cause aggressive behavior in other dogs.
  • Keep a watchful eye on un-neutered male dogs and make sure they aren’t harassing other dogs.
  • Discourage digging and fill any holes that are created.
  • Band together with fellow dog owners and set up an informal committee to care for and maintain the off-leash park.
  • If a grassy section of the park has been cordoned off, respect this, as these areas must be temporarily “rested” for proper rejuvenation.
  • Listen to your gut. If something feels wrong, put your dog on his leash and leave quickly.

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To view the St. John Dog Park Rules and Regulations, visit their website here


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