Save Big on Your Energy Bill by Switching to Solar!

By August 31, 2017All

Looking to improve the value of your home while at the same time seeing where you can get some savings on your monthly bills? Consider getting a solar attic fan that will sit on your roof and pull the power of the sun and turn it into a cooling machine for your home, rather than a giant heater. The team at Sunrise Solar in St. John, IN has been working on creating some of the highest quality solar attic fans in the US and are worth checking out. These attic fans can be installed with ease by a simple DIY’er or a list of recommended contractors. The benefits are huge and the cost is relatively low.

The ideal times for these fans in the midwest would be in the summer months. In 2017, we had multiple weeks with temperatures going above the 80’s causing many homes to have constant Air Conditioning running, which for many means a high energy bill coming for that month.

Worried about rain ruining a solar attic fan? Have no worries, the Sunrise Solar team developed their line of fans with the same material you see on cars, kayaks, and playgrounds, which means they are non-corrosive. An investment that will not simply fade away is one that you can definitely count on.


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